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Here I had almost started thinking that we were done with the character deaths. And Andrew Hussie's all like "Hahaha... no." This... makes me feel sadder than I thought I would. I mean, obviously not "text your best friend at 3 in the morning cursing Andrew Hussie in all caps" level like Tavros's death was for me, but that's to be expected with me. Still, that was rather powerful and sad. D: Just, the expression on Karkat's face there...!

How does Hussie do it?! He makes a doodly, silly, purposefully overdramatic Flash (with, admittedly, some ominous background music... but even that was a parody, wtf self) with two serious shots to it, and it's STILL really powerful.

Also... WHERE THE HELL ARE NEPETA AND TEREZI?! What happened to them?! And why isn't Feferi a ghost? Will all the damn trolls (with the exception of Eridan and Vriska) please come back to life and/or turn out okay? I know some of the fanbase bitches about too much troll screen time, and I DO think the recent Rose chatlogs were hella-awesome, but the trolls are really the primary source of my emotional involvement in this fandom.
martianjusticiar: Rose from Homestuck showing you her stabs (Default)
Translation for people who don't read Homestuck - I will probably use this journal to talk in-depth about what I'm thinking and feeling. I might also use it for political kind of rants, but... meh. I'm not sure yet. I have some stuff I need to work out right now, and I hope to be able to talk about it here. I'm not sure if I'll be able to find the words, or write them even if I have them in my head. I've found that difficult recently. Maybe a new start will help with that.

...I should probably sleep.


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